Giving independent contractors peace of mind to focus on the work they love.

Easily save money for taxes from the moment you send your invoice.

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Why Foresight?

Planning for taxes is challenging with contract-based income.

Foresight gives you the tools you need to easily plan and save.

It’s tax savings made easy.


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Set the split percentage and payment is automatically split between checking and tax savings accounts.

Tax Estimation

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We estimate how much you need to save from each invoice to stay on top of your taxes.

Digital Records


Invoice history and client information is stored, providing access to all your records in one place.

How it works

Create your invoice using the Splitter to determine how much you want to put towards tax savings.  Foresight puts that money directly into your bank account when you get paid.




Not a good time to save? No worries. The Splitter gives you flexibility to adjust your savings allocation for each invoice.

The Tracker updates in real time, so you always know how ahead or behind you are in tax savings.

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As an independent contractor, it can be tough to figure out what your tax bill will be. We do the math so you don't need to.

Simply answer a few questions about you and your business and we can project how much you should set aside for taxes to stay on track.


No more losing an invoice or searching your email to find out how much you charged for a job. Every invoice is cataloged and stored for easy reference.

We even remind you when you have outstanding invoices. Send payment reminders to your client with the click of a button, and never forget about an invoice again.

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Ready to take the stress out of saving for taxes?

Your on the beta list! Lookout for updates soon

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